Information is Power and hence Right to Information is Empowerment.

As Mahatma Gandhi said:

“The real Swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few but by the acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused.”

RTI serves this purpose of making all of us capable and powerful to achieve real Swaraj.

Mahiti Adhikar Manch has launched this website precisely to make contact with many of our fellow citizens whom it could not reach out to in person, in the last decade of its existence and work.

Many have benefited from the various activities and campaigns conducted by us and so we are sharing our experiences so that you too can benefit and participate in our efforts

This site is comprehensive and will give you much knowledge of RTI and how it could be used as well as offer access to other resources available.

“Why one more site?” you may ask. It is because there are so many to be reached out to and we hope what we offer and share may appeal to some, motivate some and even inspire some others!

Enjoy this journey with us and be part of us if you wish to.